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Instalment Plan

PRO2COL understand that debtors do not always have the funds available to pay creditors immediately and in full. For this reason the PRO2COL instalment plan was created.

Each debtor can be signed onto the instalment plan, along with the agreed payment to be paid in regular instalments, under PRO2COL's terms and conditions. Debtors are then provided with a unique identification code, allowing the Account Manager to monitor payments carefully.

Weekly and Monthly Plan

This is our most popular plan because it is so simple to understand, easy to budget for and payments can be taken in various forms. It is important to ensure the debtor has no reason to avoid payment. We therefore accept all methods of payment including online payments, telephone payments, cash, cheque, standing order, direct debit and banker's draft.

Personal paying in books are provided to the debtor where appropriate.

Services that we offer: