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Consumer Debt Collections

The Consumer debt collection division at Pro2Col offers a unique and professional service to many private and commercial clients. We specialise in consumer credit collection and operate on behalf of many of the largest Financial Institutions and Corporations in the country including Banks, Building Societies, Credit Card companies, Utility Companies, Telephone Service Providers, Mail Order / Catalogue Companies and Local Government.

We are committed to promptly and vigorously recovering your funds using our extensive knowledge of consumer debt collection, proven debt-recovery techniques, utilisation of highly sophisticated computer systems and backed by years of experience in consumer collections.

We will actively pursue your outstanding accounts, by way of a series of collection letters, personal contact by telephone, e-mail, and sms. We ensure that where the above methods prove unsuccessful that all collections are backed up with door collection officers attending a debtor’s property to secure payment and compile a property and financial assessment reports to assist in legal proceedings, should they become necessary, whilst maintaining your valuable customer relationship.

A sensitive approach is often required when collecting monies from customers, who may be experiencing financial difficulty. It is also crucial to differentiate between genuine customers who want to pay the debt in affordable instalments and the customers who will make every excuse to avoid meeting their responsibilities.

Our in-house and door collection officers are highly trained to negotiate repayment plans which ensure the highest possible repayment and speediest recovery of your outstanding monies. The Pro2col instalment plan offers the Debtors the facility to pay instalments at an agreed weekly amount using our online payment facility, 24 hrs a day to take fully authorised credit / debit card payments.

Our service and personalised attention will ensure quick recovery, and we will provide your collection management staff with online access to a secure client login area, so that the status of each account placed with Pro2Col Consumer Collection Services can be viewed online 24 hrs a day.