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Debt Portfolios

The Pro2col Portfolio acquisition division is always looking to purchase and service small to large size commercial and consumer debt portfolios.

The portfolio division is experienced in acquiring debt portfolios from almost every sector of consumer finance, including credit cards, personal loans, banking products, retail, telecoms, vehicle finance, mail order and consumer leasing. We will consider debts of any age and quality including early-stage arrears, prime or first placement, second placement, tertiary and trace & collect.

With the growth of the debt sale sector, the needs of debt portfolio owners to maximise their returns have increased significantly. 


Pro2col works closely with our debt portfolio owner clients to service portfolios on their behalf and to help them improve overall returns from their purchased portfolios. With the increasing challenge of debt, creditors and debt portfolio clients require ever changing methods to deliver a range of unique solutions to optimise returns and generate proven results.

The collections side of credit management is an area which is labour intensive.  IT investment to aid collection is often expensive and purpose built and because there is almost always a range of other key projects which are prioritised where returns are seen to be greater.

By outsourcing this area of your business, you will be able too

• Access a unique debt collection process to maximise cash flow

• reduce or remove the administrative costs of having a collections team;

• release valuable IT resources in terms of people, hardware and software;

• return to your core competencies rather than having to expend cost, time and skills on in-house debt collection, in the knowledge that your portfolio is serviced efficiently and effectively, in the safe hands of Pro2col debt collections