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Door Knock Services

The Door Knock service offered by Pro2col is ideal for clients who have lost contact with their customers, and would like to regain contact with them. It may be that your customer has changed their phone number and has not informed you or that they are not acknowledging your letters.

The service is provided to clients on a fixed fee basis and is utilised by private and commercial clients as well as many large financial institutions and corporations including credit card companies, banks and building societies.

This is an ideal service for placing you back in contact with your customer and providing you with their new contact details. Using our highly trained Door Knock Service personnel to visit your customer’s place of residence and establishing that they are still residing at that address, we are able to put you back in contact whilst our personnel are present, and collect new contact details on your behalf.

If it is established by our door knock personnel that one of your customers has absconded without informing you of their new address, why not use Pro2col trace investigation division to find their new place of residence. This is a very successful and cost effective method of finding former tenants and if they cannot be found, your money is refunded. You have nothing to lose.