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In house letter and telephone collection clerks

All PRO2COL in-house collection staff are fully trained and experienced in the collection of overdue accounts. Through persistence and proven collection techniques, we will obtain payment of an overdue account, by utilising a successful and flexible debt recovery process.

Experienced in dealing with all aspects of in-house collections, we approach each case individually and request payment through a combination of letter and telephone requests.

PRO2COL have invested in state-of-the-art technology, specifically designed for debt recovery work, incorporating client databases with integrated automated collection processes. This system has the benefit of allowing broken agreements and defaults to be followed up automatically as well as informing each client of what action is being taken on their cases, as developments occur.

Our automated system ensures clients also receive regular reports on their entire portfolio of debt placed with us for collection. This service provides a cost-effective recovery package with exceptionally high success rates under the supervision of an account manager who is dedicated to your individual case.

Services that we offer: