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Fully trained and licensed door collection team

PRO2COL are highly experienced in doorstep recovery and collection techniques. This is invaluable in a debt recovery process as a quick and efficient technique to settle overdue accounts almost immediately if they are undisputed. Even if they are disputed, we can speak to our client first-hand whilst the debtor is present to resolve any disputes and to reach an amicable agreement.

PRO2COL does not out-source doorstep collections to other debt agencies. As a young and fresh company we believe in using our own highly trained and licensed door collection teams to travel throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

PRO2COL firmly believes in a one-to-one relationship with our clients, so that we fully understand and maintain the requirements and standards they expect from us.

We appreciate that debtors are not always in a position to pay a debt immediately and in full. For this reason our teams of collectors quickly investigate and evaluate a debtor's financial status, to recover outstanding debts promptly, or at least to sign them onto the PRO2COL installment plan for immediate payments over a specified period. This is first agreed with our client before any agreement is entered into.

Services that we offer: