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It can be a frustrating experience when a debtor absconds before any payment is received. However, it doesn't have to be a costly experience to put you in contact with debtors who are avoiding their responsibilities.

Whether you need to trace a debtor who has absconded trying to avoid their responsibilities or who is not aware they have outstanding debts, or you need to serve legal papers on a third party, then why not let pro2col investigations find the subject for you using one of our successful tracing services.

Alternatively you may have old school friends, work colleagues or relatives with whom you have lost touch and would like to make contact with. If you need to find them we can help you. We have dedicated, sympathetic researchers that specialise in family tracing.



Full Trace Without Contact

This service has an excellent success rate and is useful in situations where discretion is required and the client does not want the trace subject to be contacted during the enquiry. This may be a debtor avoiding their responsibilities or a subject the client is trying to serve legal papers on.

A trace investigator is assigned to discretely locate the new address of your subject. No contact is made with the trace subject during the enquiry. Any new address provided to you is guaranteed to be accurate at the time of reporting.


The above searches can take between 14 and 30 days to complete and our clients are promptly informed of any progress. Each case is fully investigated by an experienced Trace Researcher. Alternatively if your trace is urgent you can add the below fast track option to your trace.



Fast Track Option

Choose FAST TRACK in addition to any of the full trace services above and we will instruct a dedicated Trace Researcher to work on your case immediately with priority over other cases. This search can take between 1 and 7 days to complete.

The supplement of £19.99 is only payable if the case is successfully concluded within 7 days of ordering.

You have the option to select FAST TRACK when you purchase one of the trace options.


We operate an open door policy and our clients are encouraged to telephone for an update at any time.

REMEMBER, if we dont find the trace subject, you don't pay anything!. In the event that your trace is unsuccessful, we will refund or cancel the card payment taken at the time of ordering.

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